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The Football Blog Directory

The Football Blog Directory is intended to provide you with a comprehensive list of football blogs available online. No matter what level of football the blog is dedicated to, no matter where in the world it is based, no matter how obscure the subject matter, this directory is for all football blogs. As long as a blog can be classified as a football blog then it qualifies to be listed on the Football Blog Directory.

Football Blog Directory
The original Football Blog Directory on Blogger.

The Football Blog Directory started up in April 2011, as a result of searching for football blogs to read and not being able to find anywhere with more than a few blogs listed. For the first three years the site was hosted on blogger,* with a very simple layout and look. Within days of beginning, bloggers were sending in submissions for inclusion at a very fast rate. By the end of 2011 there were already hundreds of blogs listed on the directory, although the basic layout made it difficult to keep up with submissions.** It is hoped the new layout, and more importantly back end design, will help solve this issue.

As well as providing the most obvious benefits of an online directory to both bloggers and readers, providing links to improve visibility, search engine ranking and readership, and making blogs easier to find by subject, the Football Blog Directory has always tried to provide more to both bloggers and football fans.

Article submissions play a vital role in encouraging visitors to blogs. Bloggers whose football blogs are listed in the directory have the facility to submit articles they have written for their own blogs for inclusion in this site, along with a link to their blog. Some choose to submit the full article, while others post only an introduction along with a ‘read more’ link to their own post. This feature also encourages more visitors to the directory, which in turn means more visitors to listed blogs. It is a feature that provided valuable extra visitors to those blog owners who used it. Visit the article submissions page for more information.

Blogs with RSS feeds are included are automatically added to the Recent Member Blog Posts feed which appears in short form in the left hand column and in long form on the Blog Posts page. This feed provides dynamic, up to date links to all new blog postings of listed blogs.

A new feature of the directory is that all listed blogs now have their own individual page on the directory. This page provides more information than the old basic listings. Readers can now see a large screenshot of the blog, the date it was added to the directory, an idea of how often it is updated, a description of the blog and most importantly - a link to the blog. Blog descriptions are taken from a blogs ‘About Us’ section, so blogs that have no such section, or blogs where this section is seen as inaccurate, are left without a detailed description.

We are also in the process of developing the blog tools section of the site, with features such as member blog post feeds for use on your blog to keep your blog‘s content fresh and attract visitors. We would welcome suggestions for other tools that blog owners would find helpful.

* The old site will stay on the web, along with all of the old listings. It will be used for posts publicising the directory, and when time permits, for submitted articles and blog posts too.
** As this directory is run on a part-time basis, there are occasions when backlogs of submissions can happen. All submissions are dealt with on a first-come first-served basis.

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Adding your blog to the Football Blog Directory couldn't be easier. Simply go to our contact page and fill in the form. It's that easy! Blogs will be added as soon as possible.

Each blog receives it's own directory page, RSS feed links and access to the article submission service where an introduction and link to your blog post is featured on the articles page.