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    We are the 1st English language online magazine/blog to cover the Baltic States, all the articles are written by ex-pats living in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and this helps to give the articles some more international flair.


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  • Baltic Silly Football Season: Estonia Vol.3

    Posted on 15 December, 2015

    With December started, it is time for most of the Premium Liiga clubs to return to work.

    Season prep started already for FC Levadia, Nõmme Kalju, FC Flora, Paide Linnameeskond and FC Infonet.
    Some new faces may be already appearing and old ones have disappeared during the break.

    One Nil Up brings you the best rumours and shakers thanks to its network of trusted sources including the latest news from the local media.

    Who comes? Who stays? Who goes? The #BalticSillySeason can start!


    The news of the day at Kalju is the return of the ‘Wolf’, Damiano Quintieri. The Italian striker who had left Kalju at the end of 2014, has joined forces with his former club in yesterday’s start of season preparation. Kalju’s sport director, Sergei Terehhov, has not confirmed the signing but only talked about ‘having joined trainings’. Assistant coach, Getulio Fredo, confirmed that it was Damiano’s choice to come back to Estonia albeit he had offers from Malta and Italian lower leagues.

    Same words were used by Terehhov for FC Infonet Trevor Elhi and central defender Gerdo Juhkam (former Flora).
    Elhi confirmed he was offered a contract at Infonet however, for the moment, he is looking around.

    A very new face is the young Brazilian striker, Rafael de Sa Rodrigues, better known as Rafinha, 3 appearances in Brasileiro Serie B with Mogi Mirim Esporte Clube (his profile on Transfermarkt). According to One Nil Up sources, he is going to spend all December with Nõmme Kalju before the club will take a decision at the turn of the year.

    Also Vlasiy Sinyavskiy from Narva Trans will join trainings in next days, confirmed Terehhov.
    As anticipated by One Nil Up, also Andrei Sidorenkov is going to be part of Kalju’s training group. With Ken Kallaste on trial at HJK Helsinki, he can definitely be the alternative on the left-back position Kalju will rely on for season 2016.

    Tarmo Neemelo has confirmed that he will continue at Nõmme Kalju for another year and therefore rumours about the possibility he might join Paide Linnameeskond were denied.

    Andrei Sidorenkov (EST, LB, Sillamäe Kalev)?
    Damiano Quintieri (ITA, RW/FW, free agent)?
    Trevor Elhi (EST, LB, FC Infonet)?
    Gerdo Juhkam (EST, CB, FC Flora)?
    Rafinha (BRA, FW, Mogi Mirim Esporte Clube, BRA)?
    Vlasiy Sinyavskiy (EST, LW, Narva Trans)?

    Borislav Topic (SRB, MF, ?)
    Alo Bärengrub (EST, CB, retirement?)
    Joel Lindpere (EST, AMF, retirement?)
    Vladimir Voskoboinikov (EST, FW, ?)
    Ken Kallaste (EST, LFB, HJK Helsinki?)
    Allan Kimbaloula (CGO, RW, ?)


    The club has been very active in the past weeks as they announced the dismissal of seven players: Vladislav Ivanov (striker), Kassim Aidara(midfielder) Ermal Hajdari (striker), Vladislavs Kozlovs (striker), Tanel Melts (midfielder), Aleksandr Semakhin (left full-back) and Jevgeni Gurtsiogluiants (midfielder). Captain Deniss Malov has decided to end his career, he is 35 year old: last year he collected 26 appearances and scored 4 goals.
    FC Infonet are also testing former FC Flora striker, Martin Kase who is also in Paide’s interest range, as anticipated by One Nil Up some weeks ago.

    99-cap national team player, Dmitri Kruglov, has signed a 2-year contract with the club being the very first signing of FC Infonet for next season. ‘I don’t think it’s a step back,’ said the former FC Levadia left winger ‘the club’s management is very ambitious.’ He leaves Levadia after two seasons with a break in Azerbaijan at Ravan Baku.

    Dmitri Kruglov (EST, LW, FC Levadia)

    Martin Kase (EST, FW, FC Flora)?

    Vladislav Ivanov (RUS, FW, ?)
    Kassim Aidara (FRA, MF, ?)
    Ermal Hajdari (SWE, FW, ?)
    Vladislavs Kozlovs (LVA, FW, ?)
    Tanel Melts (EST, MF, ?)
    Aleksandr Semakhin (RUS, LB, ?)
    Jevgeni Gurtsiogluiants (EST, MF, ?)
    Deniss Malov (EST, CB, retirement)


    Dismissed from FC Infonet, ready to jump on board at Levadia: according to our sources, Tanel Melts is on the way to Maarjamäe’s complex. Together with him shall reach the Levadia training complex Russian defender Igor Cheminava, who was at Sillamäe in the past two seasons.

    Tanel Melts (EST, MF, FC Infonet)?
    Igor Cheminava (RUS, CB, Sillamäe Kalev)?

    Dmitri Kruglov (EST, LW, FC Infonet)

    Artur Pikk (EST, LFB, ?)
    Omar El Hussieny (EGY, AMF, ?)
    Juuso Laitinen (FIN, LFB, ?)
    Siim Luts (EST, RFB, ?)
    Ingemar Teever (EST, FWD, retirement?)
    Tarmo Kink (EST, RW, ?)
    Artjom Artjunin (EST, CB, ?)


    Also Paide have started the preparation this week. Last week the club confirmed the signing of former FC Flora defender, Joosep Juha.
    Meanwhile, according to our sources, also former Kalev and Flora, Johannes Kukebal is on trial at Paide.

    Vjatseslav Zahovaiko has confirmed he will continue another year with Paide, a decision that might have pushed Neemelo to quit the idea of moving back ‘home’.

    Joosep Juha (EST, CB, FC Flora)

    Johannes Kukebal (EST, RB, free agent)?
    Martin Kase (EST, FW, FC Flora)?



    The newly promoted club has got a player on trial from FC Flora double team, striker Juhan Jograf Siim (1996). Last year in Esiliiga with the Flora double he played 30 games and scored 21 goals (2 against Tarvas), he managed to collect his first appearance in Premium Liiga (2 minutes) against Sillamäe.

    Juhan Jograf Siim (EST, FW, FC Flora II)?


    The only sure thing at Sillamäe is that Evgeni Kabaev was convinced by the club management to stay.


    Igor Cheminava (RUS, CB, FC Levadia?)



    Kaspar Paur (EST, CB, Paide Linnameeskond)?
    Sander Laht (EST, LW, FC Kuressaare)?

    Joosep Juha (EST, CB, Paide Linnameeskond)

    Karl-Erik Luigend (EST, CMF, Paide Linnameeskond)
    Martin Kase (EST, FW, Paide Linnameeskond / FC Infonet ?)



    Roman Smishko (UKR, GK, ?)
    Vlasiy Sinyavskiy (EST, LW, Nõmme Kalju)?

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