Football’s Latest Bitch Fight

Football’s Latest Bitch Fight

Football’s Latest Bitch Fight

It’s not exactly Keane verses Viera is it?

The current spat between John Terry and Robbie Savage is more like a playground fight than a heavyweight bout, but at least it has provided a few talking points and given us a laugh at Robbie Savage’s expense.

The difficulty with this one for the neutral is knowing who to agree with, and who’s side to be on. Unless you’re a Chelsea fan then it’s like being asked to decide if you prefer Jeremy Kyle or Katie Hopkins. Neither of them are the easiest to like.

Putting that aside though, the winner of this particular spat is almost certainly Robbie Savage. Not because he is right in what he says, but because it provides the publicity he seems to so desperately crave. Anyone who can counter critics with the line “I live in a million pound house, what’s your house like?” is unlikely to be bothered that the publicity he receives is not positive.

So who was right?

It all started when Robbie Savage criticised John Terry’s poor form this season – a point of view that many pundits and even Chelsea fans have also offered at various points. John terry didn’t seem to appreciate criticisms from Savage though…

In turn Savage responded…

Now I enjoy a swipe at Robbie Savage as much as the next man – even if it comes from John Terry! However, when you look at the reasoning behind John Terry’s comments, it suddenly starts to look very different.

Is JT really saying that the only opinions on football that matter are those that are held by people who have played at the highest level? I wonder what Jose Mourinho would think of that point of view – or for that matter Arsene Wenger, Roy Hodgson or Jurgen Klopp.

But looking beyond the managers and players who might now be entitled to a valid opinion, how many Chelsea fans who turn up for each home game and pay John Terry’s wages have played at the highest level? How many England fans who travelled all around the world when he was playing for England are successful ex players? Is he saying that he doesn’t care about their opinions either?

In reality, he probably didn’t analyse his comments that deeply and just enjoyed the opportunity to put down Robbie Savage – who wouldn’t? However, in terms of whether he was correct in saying that only professional players who played at the highest level are worth listening to then he has to be wrong.

The thing about opinions is that we are all entitled to them. Opinions are never wrong. They may be misguided or ill-informed, but they are not wrong. Your opinion is correct if your opinion is what you think. Many football fans have spent years studying the game as they watch it week in week out. They are entitled to pass comment on what they see, including criticising the players they watch. heir opinion might not matter to John Terry – but it should.

So, thank you for giving us a laugh at Robbie Savage’s expense John, but please don’t ever think that those of us who have not played at the highest level have no right to criticise you.