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The Listings Explained

Blogs on the Football Blog Directory are arranged alphabetically by category. Blogs dedicated to specific clubs or leagues are listed in sub-categories by continent and then by country. For example; A blog dedicated to the English Premier League would be under:

‘Europe > England > Premier League’

A club blog of a Premier League team would have the same sub-categories with one further level to the club, ie:

‘Premier League > Club’

This principle is the same for any league or club in the world - even where only one club from a country is represented. This makes it easier to add further blogs in the future.

Blogs that cover general or miscellaneous subjects will be found under General Football.

Categories are only listed when they contain blogs. The only exception to this rule is where a category used to contain blogs that have now been removed. Once added, a category will not be removed. The other exceptions are where a significant number of other teams in a league are already included, or where categories are required for the purpose of adding sub-categories.

The listings are limited to nine blogs per page to speed up loading for slower devices. Always check the bottom of each page to see if more pages are available for that category.

Each listing contains a link to an information page with more details of the blog including a description, date added, how long since the blog was updated at the last check, and of course a direct link to the blog. Each blog has it‘s own page on the directory.

Errors & Dead Links

From time to time mistakes can happen. If you notice a mistake on the Football Blog Directory then please contact us so that we can rectify the error. Similarly, if you notice a dead or incorrect link then please notify us so that we can adjust the directory. Please do not use the submission form to notify us of mistakes or dead links as form submissions are sent to a separate folder and dealt with in order of when they arrive - and there is always a waiting list to be added to the directory, so there would be a delay in dealing with such requests!