Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

Sir Bobby Robson FoundationAmong the two things I am most passionate about are football and supporting causes that help treatment and research into cancer.

In 2008 my dad, a passionate football fan and former non-league referee, lost his battle with cancer. Sadly, nearly all of us will know friends or family who have had to battle this horrible disease. Thankfully more and more people are surviving a diagnosis of cancer, but still too many are less fortunate.

The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation does incredible work in providing compassionate care to those with cancer, as well as providing valuable research into new treatment techniques and the ongoing search for a cure.

For those of us who love football it also provides an excellent opportunity to combine our love of the game with a desire to contribute to the work of those who are seeking to find new treatments for cancer. The two videos below describe Sir Bobby’s passion for supporting this campaign, and the ongoing work of the foundation since he passed away.




Many of the biggest names from the world of football have supported the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation since it was launched. However, the rest of us can still play our part. Even the smallest donation or fundraising venture can make a difference.

Sir Bobby was one of the most loved figures to have graced the world of football. He is one of the very few people whose passion for the game and gracious attitude to others have managed to win admiration from fans of any football team. His passion and good grace were never more obvious than in the final 18 months of his life when he embraced the task of setting up the foundation and sought to help others despite his own battles and ill-health.

The Football Blog Directory has no affiliation with the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. The cause is just one I wish to promote. I would encourage any of you who are looking for a good cause to support to consider supporting Sir Bobby’s Foundation.

You can find out more about the work of the foundation, and how you can support it, on their official website:

Alternatively, if you just wish to make a donation, you can do so on the official Sir Bobby Robson Foundation JustGiving page:

Sir Bobby’s Online Auction

Every year the Foundation holds an online auction to raise funds. Prizes have been donated by stars and organisations from throughout the world of sport and beyond, showing the esteem that Sir Bobby was held in and the recognition of the worthiness of the work that the Foundation does.

You can find out full details of the auction, and even register to bid if you wish to, on the auction’s official website at:

Sir Bobby Robson Foundation Online Auction